Electric Tech Construction, Inc. provides full civil, line/antenna and microwave crews, employs approximately 100 full-time employees, 40+ fully stocked work trucks and certified electricians. Electric Tech Construction, Inc. is a multi-diverse "A" General Engineering, "B" General Building & "C10" Electrical Contractor, collaborating with some of the largest telecommunication companies in the country and having 250 projects going at all times. 

At Electric Tech Construction, Inc. our knowledge and experience positions us perfectly at a more unique angle in determining the proper values for all engineering parameters for your projects. This allows for an increase in your bottom line as well as the ability for our clients to achieve their goals without surpassing budget.


Electric Tech Construction, Inc. is a leading edge Electrical Contracting company servicing the western hemisphere of the United States. Electric Tech Construction, Inc. offers a multi-dimensional list of services ranging from the cell towers in the telecommunications industry, to large commercial Solar Systems. As the industry grows so do our standards of excellence to ensure that all aspects of Construction are seamlessly executed and efficiently documented to create quality relationships between clients.


We have been committed to delivering top notch installations leaving trails of quality jobs in California and other parts of the United States. We have identified your need for the services we offer. At Electric Tech Construction, Inc. we offer a perfect mix of integrity, specialized skill, excellent customer relationship and rapid response time.




  • Efficient and on time installation with over 40+ fully equipped trucks and 100 trained installers.

  • E-Tech is a multi-diverse "A" General Engineering, "B" General Building & "C10" Electrical Contractor.

  • Professional customer service team.

  • We emphasize value engineering by not surpassing a client’s budget and production goals.

  • All team members are well trained in job site safety and PPE.