Link to cut-sheet --> 4449 / 8843 Shroud 20"W x 24"H x 16"D


We created these at the request of a site acquisition company. Our shroud is 24” high and meets CA code to conceal equipment. 


This pole-mounted shroud will conceal the Ericsson Dual Band Radio (4449 or 8843).  Refer to the technical specifications for measurements. The kit consists of 4 mounting bolts and the perforated shroud. 

The shroud is manufactured of perforated anodized aluminum with 60% open area to maximize airflow and minimize overheating of radio equipment.  The overall weight is 8 pounds.

The shroud is designed to be removable to allow maintenance personnel easy access to the equipment.

4449 & 8843 Shroud

  • These shrouds require prepayment here on our website or QuickBooks invoice portal.


    • Credit Card payment right here on our website.
    • We can invoice individual sites if you email  the site #’s and the shrouds needed per site. We’ll send you a separate invoice for each site via QuickBooks and you can pay through QuickBooks invoice portal. ACH bank transfer, CC, etc.
    • Ground Shipping is available for $20 per shroud if needed. Expedited for additional fee. Include address details with email request.


    Once paid, you’ll receive your payment receipt and all paperwork needed for pickup and material reimbursement from the carrier.