An all-purpose series utilizing a fire retardant premium polyester resin system with a UV inhibitor.

Square Tube 4" x 1/4" x 20'

  • ETECHCLEANSCREEN MADE BY STRONGWELL EXTREN® is manufactured by the pultrusion process. In its simplest terms, pultrusion is the process of pulling fiberglass (or other) reinforcements through a “bath” of thermosetting resin and into a heated forming-and-curing die to produce composite structural shapes. Reinforcement placement, resin formulation, catalyst levels, die temperature and pull speed are critical process parameters. Strongwell is one of the pioneers of the pultrusion process with more than 60 pultrusion machines in three plant locations across the United States.

  • While we offer FREE pickup from our shop in Concord CA location, raw stock FRP shipping will require custom crating and LTL shipping for an additional fee. Typically, $800+ for the first 20’ FRP piece and additional depending on weight and distance. Select MANUAL PAYMENT in CHECKOUT and we’ll email you a quote/invoice in the next 24 hours to settle the payment, until then you can decide if you prefer ACH bank transfer, credit card or a check.