Our Patent Pending Universal mount is designed to install on a wide variety of steel/wood poles and antennas. The 10.375 inch diameter pole top shroud is designed to enclose a 10” cylindrical antenna. The outer shrouds consist of a RF friendly removable top section to hide the antenna and a two-piece clamshell lower section to conceal the mounting base. This pole top mount is also available with optional Meter Mount.


Volume Discount Pricing Available

  • 1 – 9 Units = $2,295.00 Each
  • 10 – 19 Units = $2,195.00 Each
  • 20 – 49 Units = $1,995.00 Each
  • 50+ Units = $1,875.00 Each


Shipping may require custom crating and LTL shipping for an additional fee. We’ll email you a quote/invoice in the next 24 hours to settle the payment, until then you can decide if you prefer ACH bank transfer, credit card, check or Behalf which offers short-term financing.

Universal Pole Top Mount & Shrouds Set (50+ $1,875)

  • To simplify true-ups with the carrier, distribution of these Pole Top Mounts will require prepayment here on our website or QuickBooks invoice portal.


    • Credit Card payment right here on our website.
    • We can invoice individual sites if you email TomB@ETech-Inc.net the site #’s. We’ll send you a separate invoice for each site via QuickBooks and you can pay through QuickBooks invoice portal which offers ACH bank transfer, CC, etc.
    • Shipping is available and expedited for additional fee. Include address details with email request.


    Once paid, you’ll receive your payment receipt and all paperwork needed, including shipping tracking numbers and material reimbursement paperwork for the carrier.


    Deposit; Terms:, 100% of project orders will be due and payable upon commencement of work at $10,000 and under. $10,000 and over 50% of project orders will be due and payable upon commencement of work, remaining balance due on standard PO terms. Subject to credit approval of Buyer, payment terms are “net 30 days after invoicing”.