ETech has produced and installed hundreds of radomes. We  typically stock most common size radomes and can make non-stock sizes in a couple weeks. Our spinning radome gives instant access to all equipment, saves time and money with a simple one day install and many years of reliable service. Our install crews work directly with our design team to constantly perfect our radome designs. As with all of our products, we’re constantly striving for a quality product with easy install. 


Most "standard size" radomes can be fabricated and ready to ship within two weeks. Custom nonstandard sizes available in 1” increments if necessary, i.e., 2’-2”, 2’-3”, 2’-4”, etc. If a custom radome size is necessary, please order the next larger size (Height & Width) and “ADD A NOTE” in the Checkout screen with the exact radome size needed.


Please forward a set of plans for quick quote

Our Spinning Radome