Most "standard size" radomes can be fabricated and ready to ship within two weeks. Custom nonstandard sizes available in 1” increments if necessary, i.e., 2’-2”, 2’-3”, 2’-4”, etc. If a custom radome size is necessary, please order the next larger size (Height & Width) and “ADD A NOTE” in the CHECKOUT screen with the exact radome size needed.

We offer FREE pickup from our shop in Concord CA location, radome shipping will require custom crating and LTL shipping for an additional fee. Typically, $2,000+ for the first radome and $200 for each additional. Select MANUAL PAYMENT in CHECKOUT and we’ll email you a quote/invoice in the next 24 hours to settle payment. Until then you can decide if you prefer ACH bank transfer, check, CC or Behalf which offers short-term financing.