ETechFRP has produced and installed numerous screen-walls. Our aesthetically pleasing seamless, yet easy to construct framing designs have become the industry standard from architects, engineers and landlords alike. Construct your FRP concealment structure correct the first time with zero callbacks. ETechFRP stocks enough raw material to stick build most approved designs onsite much faster than fabricating offsite and crane-picking into place (hoping it fits correctly). Stick building also has the added benefit of speeding up the overall build for several reasons.


  • We stick build only the frame and allow the line and antenna crews to work freely without panels in their way.

  • This also allows for easy to capture closeout photos without exterior panels installed.

  • ETechFRP crew comes back to adjust framing if needed to compensate for antenna down-tilt or azimuth issues the architect/engineer didn’t calculate correctly in the plans. One phone call to the engineer and these framing issues can typically be corrected within a few hours.

  • We glue and screw the panels, remove the screws for countersunk bolts, epoxy all seams and countersunk bolts. Sand, texture, paint to match and never come back.